frequently asked questions

With many other home management companies to choose from, what differentiates your services from the others?

At Marley Management Services our approach has always been about being proactive vs. reactive. With our background in the commercial real estate market, our scheduled visits will examine the home quite differently than our competitors. With years of experience we have learned to recognize potential challenges. With client permission we promote a take action plan before they become an issue. 


Do you manage vacation rentals?

Marley Management Services is not a vacation rental agency, however we have many clients for which we manage their vacation rental property. This means that our clients handle the bookings, leases, and collection of rents, and we simply facilitate the rental. We handle the property preparation, the check-in, check-out and the final walk-through. Additionally, we are the point of contact for tenants and guests while they are staying at our clients’ homes.


How do you save me money?

  • Our professional home management service should save you money by helping you lower utility costs and avoiding potentially expensive damage to your home.
  • Thermostat management  - this can add up, in many cases cutting your annual cost in half
  • Shared vendor discounts – we have negotiated discounts with our preferred vendors that are shared with clients
  • Avoiding the big insurance claim - typically caused by water damage
  • Avoiding vandalism


How do you calculate home management fees?

Monthly home management fees are based on the square footage of your home. 

Are you insured?

Yes, licensed and insured.

Do you handle monthly spa and pool maintenance?

Yes, MMS is a Certified Pool Operator and can serve as the Licensee for your pool, spa or water feature under Utah requirements.


Why don’t I just use my neighbor or ask my housekeeper to check the home?

Neighbors and housekeepers won’t be insured for the liability you pass along to them. They also won’t know the most likely threats to your home and how to avoid them. They won’t have the time tested tools to make sure an inspection is done properly and completely each and every week.


While housekeepers, neighbors and friends often agree to check on the properties, they don’t always have the ability to recognize the early signs of problems or the time to do an extensive inspection while you’re away. By using our professional home management service, you’re going to discover problems that are small before they get too big.


What reports will I get and how?

A weekly email with recent/dated photo and a list of any issues that were found and any assigned tasks that where completed.


Do you only provide the list of services noted on your website?

The services noted on our website are only those services that we frequently provide. But we are always able to provide special services as requested by our clients.

What if my property needs handy man repairs?

MMS is prepared and ready to handle all of your property's minor repairs. If you have a larger job, we have a list of trusted vendors we work with. MMS will oversee the project from start to finish.


May I send packages to the house?

Yes, but most clients prefer to send packages directly to our office for redelivery to your home. There is no extra charge for reasonably sized packages.

What should be done with my mail when I’m gone?

  • Several options exist:
  • Have the post office forward it to your travel location
  • Have the post office hold it until you return
  • Instruct us to collect it and forward important letters to you


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